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    Mike Niezen RPC,MPCC, Herbal Practitioner, Facitilator of Equine Assisted learning.

  • Counselling

    Hello! My name is Mike Niezen and I am a professional with over 15 years of experience working with individuals who struggle with addiction and concurrent mental health disorders. I have helped many people who experience addiction issues with substances or life processes such as gambling, along with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.


    My focus is to provide support and assistance to individuals who are dealing with these challenges and to help them navigate the difficult road to better health. I am passionate about my work and committed to providing compassionate care to those who need it most. Although I am not exclusive to this population, I have a particular interest in working with young men who have experienced trauma and struggle with anxiety.


    My role involves guiding clients to establish and achieve goals that will propel them forward in life. This typically entails identifying obstacles and developing strategies to cope with the emotions associated with these challenges. I conduct 50-minute sessions in my office located in rural Fort Steele.


    As a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling and a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellor Association, I am committed to providing professional and effective support to my clients.


    Call for a free 15 minute consult now, or leave a message on my confidential voice mail at :

    (236) 614-0110



  • Equine Assisted Learning


    For the past seven years, Emily Dumaresq and Mike Niezen have collaborated to offer horse-assisted experiential programming to a diverse range of clients.

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new program, offering this unique experience to the general public.

    How It Works


    Group sessions typically begin by introducing fundamental interpersonal skills. Subsequent sessions can build upon these foundational skills, encouraging participants to integrate them with more advanced concepts such as leadership and teamwork. By connecting these concepts across sessions, participants gradually develop a comprehensive foundation of skills that can be applied both in their interactions with horses and in their everyday lives, fostering personal growth and self-awareness.



    It's important to note that all programming will take place in the vicinity of horses, but there will be no horseback riding or sitting during the program.


    Participants will engage in ground-based activities and exercises with the horses, which may involve grooming, leading, and interacting with the horses from the ground.


    The focus of the program is on experiential learning and personal growth, rather than horsemanship or riding skills.



    The total cost for each group participant is $250 + GST or six sessions for $1250 + GST


    Each group will have a maximum of five participant and a minimum of two participants.


    Sessions take place on Tuesdays from 11am to 12:15pm, year round in Wycliffe.